Hungerford App No. 2,000,169

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Enliven an intellectual & scholarly atmosphere with a warm and sensual glow. Enable the Hungerford candle to carry mellow cinnamon and citrusy orange scents right into your studious evening air.

The scent of cinnamon is known to promote cognitive senses. Various studies show that it can increase alertness as well as memory. Can there, then, be a better aromatic companion for you while you study?

Go on and grant yourself your own Hungerford candle, expertly crafted in the English countryside. A must-have for all study spaces of Britain's finest future lawyers.

Burn time: 40 hours

PS. For all intellectual property law enthusiasts, click here for some fun piece of information regarding what happened on 31st October 1994 when John Lewis of Hungerford Plc (“the Applicant”) applied to register “the smell, aroma or essence of cinnamon” as a trademark for use in relation to articles of furniture and parts and fittings therefor in Class 20.